Cataract (Safed Motia)

Cataract (Safed Motia)

Cataract is also known as Safed Motia. Cataract in which the natural lens of the eye become opaque and has to be removed. It is age related disease mostly older people suffering from cataract. Cataract as the term indicates the process of inflammation & changes in the crystalline lens is called Cataractogenesis. It is the occurrence of a discontinuity in the lens of such magnitude as to cause a noticeable dispersion of light. The causes of cataract is precipitation, denaturation, coagulation, or agglutination of soluble lens proteins is responsible for lens opacification.
There are certainly many types of cataract with respect to their causes-
 Senile Cataract- age related cataract it occurs above the age of 50 years.
 Sugar Cataract- associated with galactosemia & juvenile diabetes mellitus.
 Radiation Cataract- the radiant energy produce cataract by causing damage to germinative zone of lens epithelium. One of them is infrared cataract also called as glass blower’s & glass workers cataract as it is typically seen in persons working in glass industries.
 Some other cataract are drug inducing cataracts as its name indicated it is mainly due to drugs intake.
 Traumatic Cataract- rosette cataract.
 Cataract in chalosis- sunflower cataract.

There is no such thing which are cataract other than surgery, the removal of crystalline lens which is replaced by artificial intra ocular lens of the particular power taken by biomicroscopy of particular patient. If the power of IOL is incorrect it causes consecutive myopia & hypermetropia as per the defect of the IOL power. And this condition of artificial lens is called PSEUDOPHAKIA.

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