Chemicals Of Happiness

Chemicals Of Happiness

Happiness is considered as if we feel positive we feel good .But it is the secret what make us feel positive yes certainly the environment and surrounding , plays a role but major or significant role is of the squirt of neurochemical inside our body our own hormones release of which make us feel high.

These four hormones entirely cchange our mood now the question arises which hormones are responsible for our happiness and how can we stimulate their release. Answer is here as folllowing:
• Dopamine: is a major neurotransmitter which is released when we attain a finish line a work which seemed to be impossible is a tremendous joy whether it be adventure sports , flying in hot air baloon.When we get apreciation and award for a achievement dopamine get released.Chocolate intake release dopamine as stated in book ‘Chocolate and health ‘ that white chocolate stimulate dopamine release more than dark chocolate.That is the reason behind the suggestions have chocolate to uplift your mood instantly.
• Oxytocin hormone is released when persons we trust are around us.Its the chemical behind the mother and child bonding as well as the people who love each other .It is also responsible for the feeling of joy when likeminded people are around us or whom we trust.
• Serotonin Biochemical that uplift our mood ,behaviour and energy level when we feel good inside we look good outside how much work we do we are full of energy.
Inversely if tired mentally we can’t look good a small task seems to be invincible.
Release of serotonin can be increased by not only drugd that make us feel high but with diet and food also like eggs,turkey, cheese ,nuts and seeds which are high in tryptophan act as precursorof serotonin.
• Endorphins are biochemicals released by body to cope with pain and stress.Endorphins known as runner’s high .Feeling great after long run and exercise by athletes and sportsperson.Boosters of endorphin release are exercise,yoga ,meditation,dance, chocolates and spicy food for people who love to eat.

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