CMV: Cytomegalo Virus Retinitis

CMV- Cytomegalo Virus Retinitis

Eye is an individual complex system in itself. As the human body comprise of various organ system and thus diseases in it. Eye do have number of complexities in it .

CMV RETINITIS also called Cytomegalovirus retinitis in Human acquired immuno deficiency virus related opportunistic infection of eye.It is one of fatal viral infection leads to inflammation of retina.It used to occur in higher frequency before introduction antiretroviral drugs for HIV patients but now decreased to a good extent .Now a days only prevalent in developing countries.

CMV retinitis etiology consist of viral infection by cytomegalovirus which is a type of Herpes Virus .Mohe st of tmostly affects AIDS patient along with the immunocomprised patient undergone
Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant or organ transplant.

Patient of CMV may be asymptomatic while some complaint symptoms of
• Floaters
• Photopsia
• Blurred vision
• Decreased vision
If not treated in time may lead to complete blindness in two to six months.

Treatment consist of
Systemic : Gancyclovir, Cidofovir, Foscarnet through parentral and oral route of administration.
Ocular: Intravitreal Injection, Ocular Implant drug delivery which have advantages of low dose responsible for sustained release effect

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