Gurukul: An Ancient Education System of India

Gurukul was actually the house of teacher or Acharya and was the centre of learning where pupils resided till their education got complete. All deciples were considered equal at the Gurukul and their main motto was to get aloud knowledge and for that they were highly focused on education. The Gurus train their students with meditations, yogas and other spiritual knowledge. The students will gather there and learn vedas from their Guru. The scholars were treated equally regardless of their social standards. The scholars were  fed and nursed by the Gurumata as her family members. The guru (teacher) use to address them as shisya (student) . They resided within the same house and lived as one family. The gurukul system was the sole education system known at the time. The scholars were provided with the in-depth knowledge I almost all aspects of life. They were provided with Not only the education but also they learnt the essential aspects of their culture and disciplined life. The shisyas lived under the gurukul roof with the great brotherhood and there was an honest humanity, love and discipline.

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