‘Mandua or Ragi’ Finger Millets: Food of nutritious

We all are familiar with a nutritious food finger millet, which is commonly known as ‘Mandua or Ragi” in India. This is a cereal herb which is cultivated in India from 4000 years. The speciality of these tiny deep red pearls is the abundance of nutrients present in them. In the hilly areas of India, these are the part of regular diet regime. Nutritionally, when ragi is used as a whole grain, it is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to all other cereals and millets. It is a remarkable source of protein, making it perfect for vegetarian diets. Finger millet contains important amino acids, it also contains the highest amount of calcium and potassium. It is a great source of iron making if beneficial for individuals with low haemoglobin levels. It also contains vitamin B6 and folic acid. Due to its high content of polyphenols and dietary fiber ragi exhibits anti-diabetic, antimicrobial and antioxidant. It protects against tumours and atherosclerosis. Being low in fat and gluten free, ragi is easy to digest. It is therefore, given as first food to children in the form of ragi porridge. Ragi contains an amino acid, Tryptophan which reduces appetite.it has a much higher amount of dietary fiber compared to white rice and other grains. It is the richest source of calcium among plant foods. It helps in bone development of bones in growing children and in maintenance of bone health in adults. Regular consumption of finger millet is known to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus and gastrointestinal tract disorders. It is an excellent plant sources of natural iron. Its consumption helps to recover anemia.it is found to be beneficial in conditions of anxiety, depression, migraine and insomnia.

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