Mango Malformation

Fig.1 Malformation on mango inflorescence var. subglutinans

Fig.2 Conidia of Fusarium moniliformae

The disease mango malformation is mainly caused by combinations of fungus Fusarium mangiferae and mango bud mites, Aceria mangiferae and it generally results in abnormal flower, leaf, reduced fruit yield and shoot growth. The young nursery plants if infected will get severely stunted. There are three types of symptoms such as bunchy top phase, floral malformation and vegetative malformation. In nursery the bunching top conditions can be seen as bunching of thickened small shoots having small and rudimentally leaves and these short and stunted shoots gives the appearance of bunchy top. In another phase, there is an excessive growth of vegetative branches as they give the symptoms of vegetative malformation. The seedlings have the stunted growth. The floral malformation of inflorescence shows variation in the panicle. These dried malformed head consists black mass and they can persist for a longer time. The spread of the disease is by movement of infected plant material and by grafting with infected bud wood. The fruit can be contaminated with viable spores, though these can be treated with post-harvest washing or fungicide application. The life cycle of the disease can be initiated with the formation of fungal spores on dying infected plant parts such as malformed flower panicles. But still we don’t have an idea of disease transmission from or within a tree. We can manage or control the disease by destroying the diseased plants, use of disease free planting material, spraying 100-200 ppm NAA during the month of October, and pruning of diseased parts and in last spraying of fungicides Carbendazim (0.1%) or Captafol (0.2%).

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