Mealy bug

Mealy bug

The Mealy bug are Plant-Sucking Pest . It is A Familiar Problem In Greenhouses . It is found in hotter growing climates, mealy bug’s square measure soft-bodied, apterous insects that usually seem as white soft lots on the leaves, stems and fruit of plants. They feed by inserting long consumption mouthparts, referred to as stylets, into plants and drawing sap out of the tissue. Injury isn’t usually important at low blighter levels. However, at higher numbers they will cause leaf yellowing and curling because the plant weakens. Feeding is typically in the middle of honeydew melon that makes the plant sticky and encourages the expansion of jet-black moulds. Mealy bugs square measure typical greenhouse blighters that have an effect on ornamentals, houseplants, avocados and fruits.

The Adults Mealy bug  (1/10 — 1/4 in. long) square measure soft, oval clearly segmental insects that square measure sometimes lined with a white or grey sandy wax. Tiny nymphs referred to as crawlers, square measure light-weight yellow and freed from wax. They’re active early and move very little once an appropriate feeding web site is found.

Adult females deposit 300-600 eggs inside associate excreted, compact, waxy cottony-appearing mass principally found on the face of leaves (these egg cases will be confused with downy mildew). birthing is continues for regarding two weeks with the feminine dying shortly finally eggs square measure ordered. Hatching happens inside 1-3 weeks and therefore the tiny active yellow nymphs begin migrating over the plant in search of feeding sites on that to settle. As they feed, they secrete honeydew melon and a waxy coating begins to create over their bodies. Feminine nymphs labor fewer than 3 stages (instars) with a generation taking as very little united month, counting on temperature. Male nymphs labor fewer than 5 instars. They are doing not feed once the primary 2 instars and exist only to fertilize the females. Within the greenhouse, continuous and overlapping generations occur throughout the year. There’s very little winter survival outside of greenhouse.

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