Multiple Sclerosis :MS

Multiple Sclerosis -MS

MS refers to severely body impairing disease affecting the Central Nervous System. It is an autoimmune disease in which our immune system fight against our own tissue and try to kill and destroy it here the misrecognised antigen is our own myelin that is the sheath protecting the nerve fibre .When myelin get destroyed by our own body system it lead to miscommunication between various body parts and brain that consequently lead to various disorders of posture and gait.

• Numbnes or pain in arms & legs
• Prolonged diplopia: double vision
• Tremor
• Slurred speech
• Pain during eye movement and partial visibility loss
• Fatigue and dizziness
• Painful neck movement
• Bowel & Bladder function related complications

These symptoms further may lead to inability to stand ,speak and walk, depression, epilepsy resulting in partial to complete paralysis
RISK FACTORS Etiology of MS is kind of unknown and unpredictable but major risk factors or who might be more prone to it:

• Sex: Females have two times more probability compared to male
• Age .15-60 yrs age has more probability
• Particular Infections like that of Epstein Barr virus which cause monucleosis.
• Other existing disease like Diabetes Type 1, Thyroid disease etc
• Climate :Countries of temperate climate have reported more cases of MS
• Race: White people especially of North European descent have recorded
large no of cases compared to other Asian and African races
• Smoking: Non smokers compared to smokers record higher no of cases

Treatment: There is no complete cure of MS but treatment focus on slow down progression and symptomatic relief to relieve from the symptoms. It include
• Muscle relaxant
• Plasmapharesis
• Interferons
• Physical therapy etc

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