Patient Couch also known as patient table is a platform on which the patient lies during the procedure. It is present in X-ray, CT scan, and MRI etc. In radiography, X-ray tube is situated above the table and beneath the table in fluoroscopy. The under table X-ray tube can be maneuvered from this position and applied to general radiography. In radiography, grid and bucky is present and cassette is placed over the bucky.  Table is composed of carbon fiber or wood. There are many features of patient couch in CT scan i.e. it consists of a support referred to as the table top which floats and rest on a pedestal, it should have ability to carry patients weight up to 150 kg, it have horizontal movement with the inward and outward to the gantry. Attachment is also provided for head and foot supporter is available. Patient table movement is done by hydraulic systems and table movements is controlled by the switches provided in the gantry or in the console. The movement of table in between the scans is controlled by the computers according to pre- determined planer control.

By -ASSISTANT PROFESSOR – Ms. Prachi Vishnoi
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