Types of Aphasia

Types of Aphasia

Aphasia is a communication disorder caused by brain damage and characterized by an impairment of language comprehension, formulation and use. It affects the sounds, vocabulary or grammar, both in speaking and in understanding. An aphasic patient may have difficulty in reading, writing and calculation.
Types of Aphasia:-
1. Global Aphasia- It is a severe loss in comprehension and repetition the aphasia is global. Severe deficits found in all language processes, including speech production, auditory comprehension, reading and writing.
2. Isolation Aphasia- All language processes are poor, except for the ability to repeat.
3. Broca’s Aphasia- Speech production is poor and slow, with impaired articulation, and grammar. Comprehension is relatively good except for complex sentences and reading is superior to writing.
4. Transcortical Motor Aphasia- The speech in some ways i9s similar to Broca’s aphasia. The main feature of this rare syndrome of aphasia is the preserved ability to repeat fluently.
5. Wernicke’s Aphasia- Speech is fluent with paraphasic errors. Comprehension of the spoken , written word is also impaired. The content of speech is not clear. They are unaware that they are not communicating to the listener.

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