Robots In Medicine & Health Care

Robots In Medicine & Health Care

Robots can be defined as the machine that can be programmed to form multiple task with high speed , precision and expertise to help the human being .The term robot derived from Czech word ‘robota’ that meant forced labour.

Starting from the first robot invented by George Davlon named ‘Unimate’ now no field is untouched of robotics whether it be educative robots ,military robots, banking or industry .
Now coming towards role of robots in medicine and health care.Robots have rplaced the nurses, assisting high end surgery ,disinfecting the operation theatres .Robots have been proved as a boon in the medical and health care.

Because of the hectic schedule 24*7 work schedule nurses and medical professionals being seen tired and fed up of their daily work schedule .Quality of work being affected by this .Robots are helping them to complete the task in faster and efficient manner to save their energy and caliber for the tasks which really require the human empathy to help the patient .

Following are the Robots which are altering the scenario of health care and medicine in hospital:
• McKesson Robot Rx: It is a automated robotic system dispensing medicine to patient replacing Pharmacist
• Carriers as the the name suggest do the task of carrying stuff.
• Da Vinci Surgical Robot performs high end complex surgery like prostectomy, cardiac repair & gyaenocological procedures.
• Vi Rob Miniature Robot having multiple function can crawl inside body and locate tumor and also treatment done .
• Mr.Gower patrol hospital as nurse and staff member can navigate elevator stairs.
• IV Robots taking part in mixing and dispensing fluids and injections in Chemotherapy.
Future prospectives are very high with robots with inducing features ike empathy touch recognition being very helpful for the patients or people do not have any one to take care ,console and make feel good.

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