Save Your Vision at all Stages in Life

These days, eyes are focused on a screen much of the time. Between flat-screen televisions, computers, video games, smartphones and tablets, our eyes need a break! So, much close-up focus causes headaches, eye strain, dry eyes and many more. Take breaks, look away into the distance, and exercise your eyes regularly. Screens project blue light. Too much blue light damages the retina and lens. When settling down for bed, read a book to relax. You can wear blue light blocking glasses when working on electronic devices in the evening.

At All Ages Protect Your Eyes with Goggles & Sunglasses:  Wear 100% UVA/UVB protecting sunglasses when you are outside in the sunlight, driving, skiing, or on the water.                     

Regular Eye Exams:  You should get a routine eye exam every 1 to 2 years. If you have an eye condition, go once a year or as recommended by the doctor. Most seniors should go annually or whenever they notice vision changes.

 Ages 30 to 39: At this time Dry eyes may develop in several reasons.  Regular exercise is an important habit to establish in adult life. Schedule gym, walking, jogging, sports, cycling, swimming, surfing, and other activities.

Ages 40 – 49: At this time the lens becomes thicker and less flexible in middle age. This is called Presbyopia. Eye exercises can help you focus more sharply and even help improve vision in a way to help manage the effects of presbyopia.

Ages 50-59: Now is the time to start fending off eye disease that is so common in seniors. Your lifestyle during your remaining years will have a strong impact on your vision health.

Ages 60 – 69: Cataracts, ARMD, Glaucoma, Dry eye, DR, Other Eye Diseases –  High blood pressure and heart disease are common in seniors. If you have not been getting regular eye exams before your 60’s, you definitely need to start getting them now!

Ages 70 – 79: Aging will be much more comfortable if you keep exercising regularly and sensibly.

Ages 80 and Up: At the 80-year mark, start seeing the eye doctor 1-2 times per year. Take a walk in fresh air every day.

By -Assistant Professor- –Mrs. Radhika
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