As India is on the verge of being a developed nation numerous research and developmental progress is underway on various different fields. The country and it’s people had raised their virtue from being just a country of religious traditions to a revolutionary nation with high traditional values but scientifically validated and immense potential in almost every prospect as far as knowledge, usage of brain and application of it is concerned. The field of Cowpathy had turned out as a milestones for which four Indian patents had been already awarded in the past decade and a lot more is promised from this emerging branch of naturopathy, which is based on the deep knowledge of Ayurveda. Hence, in India the amalgamation of science and adhyatma (religious tradition) which together will make a way for future medicines.

In Indian mythology and Hinduism the cow is always termed as “maata” or mother, the modern day research on Cowpathy is an attempt to answer the question as to why the term was used or is being used for the animal and the efforts are not in vain as we know today that everything starting from it’s urine to the milk products this Indian animal produces

or generates is every bit useful as far as medicinal properties of cow-urine is concerned or it is the usage of cow dung as a natural fertilizer, not only this the cow in Indian society is referred as someone who is very calm and teaches an important lesson to be “Ahinsak”(non-violent). The animal throughout it’s life helps humans in various aspects and asks nothing back, except to let live, this is why the affectionate word “maata” was used by our ancestors to refer the animal. The products of indigenous cow were tested on the scientific parameters and were found to have bio-enhancers, immunomodulator, nervine tonic, digestive, hepatoprotective etc. properties, some of which are reported in literature and/or patented. These products are of high medicinal value and will be of future medicines for control of infections through boosting of immune power of the body.


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