Calculus is a branch of mathematics containing limits, derivatives, integrals and functions. Calculus is one of the major partof mathematics. Calculus is hugely used in physics, inorganic chemistry, mechanical, etc. Most of the students find calculus tough. Calculus can be easy if approached in a proper manner.

To find the area of a space on a graph based on a function, it’s necessary to use the fundamental theorem of calculus. In this theorem, it’s assumed that there is a function on the graph and that there are two points denoting the beginning and end of the area to be measured. The space between these two points is the integral.Although it’s easy to find the area when all the lines are straight, this is not possible in all cases. Calculus and the fundamental theorem of calculus allow a student to find the area in graphs that include a function instead of a straight line.

One of the most common examples of this in real world use is to use the fundamental theorem to determine how fast a car was going at a precise time, not just the average of how fast they were going during the entire trip. Since the car can speed up and slow down, the graph would include a curved line so the fundamental theorem is needed as the formulas used for polygons are not going to provide a precise answer.

So to make calculus easy for all , one has to follow some steps:

  • Start with othe part of basic mathematics i.e., Arithematic, algebra, trigonometry,geometry.
  • Understand thr part of calculus
  • Learn calculus formulas
  • Learn about the limits
  • Learn fundamental theorem of calculus
  • Practice calculus problems
  • Double check your concepts

So by following the above specified steps one can easily understand calculus. Calculus is the most fun based branch if your concepts are clear. Keep learning Calculus

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